Lifetime Achievement Award, National Business Women's Awards 2024

Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 2024 National Business Women’s Awards, Wendy won the Gold Award in the Lifetime Achievement Award!

The National Business Women’s Awards are recognised as one the most prestigious celebration of women working in business across the UK. It has a vision to raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and enterprising British women on a national level.

Wendy was recognised for her lifelong contribution to her continued support of women in business, empowering them to unleash their true potential.

Women in Change Awards

Wendy has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Women In Change Awards 2024 in the ‘Best Mentor or Coach’ category.

The Women In Change Awards 2024 will be held at the London HQ of their fantastic platinum sponsors, Diageo on Thursday 20th June, 2024.

Committed to making Strategy stick

I’m an accidental CEO.

I wanted to be a teacher. I hated the 6th Form so I became a Receptionist. No real plans for my career then, but wow, what a journey I’m having.

HR was an accident. I’ve somehow ended up a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Being an HR Director was an accident. The company I worked for went bust. I got into culture change as part of its revamp. I ended up being HR Director of the Year.

I went back to my cultural roots of the ceramic industry in 2008 to widen my HR experience. I accidentally ended up heading up a company rebrand in 2012 when we acquired a new business.

No accident that I wanted to be my own boss in 2015. No accident that I work with the best bunch of people I could ever wish to work with.

I’m here to tell my story. My story of a woman who has grasped opportunities in her life to somehow become an accidental CEO.

I’m a free thinker who believes that all people can change. It’s finding out what inspires change that’s the secret!

Passionate about sharing her story to guide others on their path





A free thinker who believes that all people can change

Tales from the Wendy House

Recognised officially as an Inspiring Leader, Wendy began sharing her knowledge and insight online during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, and so Tales From the Wendy House was born.

Read and referred to globally this anecdotal account was there to make some laugh, others cry, and be a beacon of light for those who had shared similar experiences in a corporate role.




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