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Why Women Don't Play Golf

The curator of the widely recognised ‘Why Women Don’t Play Golf’ programme, which helps aspiring female leaders to break the glass ceiling placed over them, the programme is based on Wendy’s experience as a female business leader who never got invited on corporate golf days because of her gender. Wendy speaks widely on this topic, and how she overcame these challenges in the workplace, and how she now works to help others break down these boundaries placed on their careers.

Passionate about giving women the tools they need to exceed their own expectations and the limits placed on them, Wendy has tools, ideas, experience and guidance to help people forge their own path.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, Wendy was delighted to be invited to the Women of the Year Luncheon & Awards discussion around this years theme: #EmbraceEquity. Take a look at the video below –

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