Tales from the Wendy House

A few weeks ago, I went to see Holly Johnson’s 40th anniversary gig in Liverpool. One, don’t judge me and two, I was only 5 when Relax was in the charts 🤥

It was a great night and me and my friend Yvonne Jowett-Reid had a great time reliving the classics. Half way through the show, Holly made a bold statement that he had released an album a few years ago but no one bought it so he wouldn’t be singing any of those songs (his words were a little more colourful than that, but you get the picture).

What has this got to do with LinkedIn you may ask. Well, first of all he was honest and secondly he realised that flogging a dead horse was futile.

In business and management, if something doesn’t work, you have to move on. I see business owners becoming hung up about money they’ve spent on something that doesn’t work but they keep going. No one wants to buy the product and they can’t sell it, but vanity makes them keep trying. If something doesn’t work, it’s not necessarily failure. It could just be the wrong time to sell it or what you’re selling already is successful and you need to up your game on that. You need to be honest with yourself and stop doing it.

I was pleasantly surprised about Frankie being frank. Stick with what works and keep making money. Then, Relax – sorry, I couldn’t help it!

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