Tales from the Wendy House

Well, I’ve joined the world of Podcasts! What a revelation and I can’t believe that I’ve been missing out on sharing the amazing conversations I have with other women on a day to day basis.

Thanks so much to Sara Williams OBE who features in the first podcast. I look up to Sara as a leading light in Staffordshire (and beyond), as a woman who gets stuff done. She has been a great mentor to me over the last few years and I was very flattered when she agreed to partake in the first episode, especially as she has such a busy calendar at the moment. What a joy it was to discuss her career to date as a woman who has always pushed boundaries.

My first experience of this kind of media is that it gives an opportunity to share pearls of wisdom and thoughts of a world that might not normally be open to everyone. Give it a go 😁

I really hope you enjoy it and look forward to sharing others each month. If you’d like to be part of one of my podcasts, please let me know.


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