Tales from the Wendy House

The scenario – you have a great meeting with a potential client, you gel really well, you excitedly talk to them about how you can help their business, you get your team involved in the meeting – they get excited. So far so good….

You then go away, spend time putting a proposal together, check it with the team. They start getting invested in the project. You send the proposal… 👻

What went wrong? Hello? Is there anybody there? Several prompts later and nothing. It was all going so well. You then have to let the team down gently as they are still excited about working with the new client.

This has happened to most people I know who have a business. The Ghost effect.

First of all, when consultants meet with you, they want to help your business thrive. They want to share there experience to do just that. If something’s not right for you, then please say. Sometimes things may not be right now or that you might not have the budget etc, etc, but just give feedback.

So, if you’re looking for someone to help your business, support your business and help it grow – a consultant can give that time and energy to help you achieve your vision. Just remember that they can be just as committed as you are in doing that. 😎

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