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I’ve been reading an article in People Management about how the right culture is more important than increased salary in the war on attracting the right people to your business. Brave words I hear you say. The article also points out that the right culture ranks higher than pay and challenging work.

So why then, are companies still under fire from organisations offering eye watering salaries?

What the research (carried out by WorkBuzz) doesn’t say, is how many people move on again after realising that their new company might demand more from them in return for the bigger pay. Or that the culture isn’t great.

I’m not saying that companies who pay high salaries have toxic cultures, far from it. I know and have worked with some great companies who have a great culture and the ability to pay the higher salaries.

What I am saying though, is that I see companies who go the extra mile with their culture, but not just with attracting talent warding off some of this tidal wave.

It’s like the service company that offers you loads of incentives and makes you feel special to get you signed up for their product, for you only to find that being a loyal customer means that you don’t qualify for any new incentives unless you threaten to leave. The same applies with talent retention. You have to show people that you care. That you value them and that you keep listening to them to ensure you are tweaking your culture to fit.

Remember life before the Pandemic? Our approach to flexible working was a bit grim in the UK beforehand – things can change very quickly in terms of culture and expectations. Culture change on steroids!

I’ve spent over 20 years on getting the right culture and engagement for companies I’ve worked for and for Strategi Solutions clients. If you feel we can help you stem the flow of the talent drain, please get in touch with Strategi Solutions.

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