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I need your help! Don’t give up reading just yet.

A week on Friday, we host Strategi’s very first charity fundraiser ball for our local breast care centre (UHNM Charity). Our goal? To raise £20k this year. Why breast cancer? Because my step mum, good friend and other people close to Strategi have been diagnosed with it. Thankfully they’ve had great treatment and are now recovering well – this was all due to people in the past donating to the centre. Well, we want give something back.

For those of you who follow my posts or know me, I’m asking that you may be able to help us. We have some amazing auction prizes and I would be very grateful if you would consider bidding on them. It would mean such a lot not only to us, but also to the women and men who have to visit the Breast Care Centre through no choice. We want to make the centre more comfortable and welcoming to those who are terrified for their lives because of this hateful disease.

If you can’t bid for an item, I understand, but if you could donate a small amount it can make a huge difference to our fundraising.

Thanks so much for reading – I really appreciate it.

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