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Over the last month or so, I’ve started making a mental note each time the word “menopause” is used. It’s used a lot. Symptoms are mentioned on a daily basis, I witness women having hot flushes, trying to push back tears and generally talking about the “fogbrain”.

What we don’t hear much about is what happens afterwards. Yes, there is an end to all of this (my mum didn’t tell me about this bit). Well, as someone who is in that place, I will tell you. Everyone is different, I know, before I get shot down, this is my experience.

My brain fog is no longer there (some may argue against that) but I feel sharper, more focused and together. I had thought that I was suffering with early onset dementia at one point – that’s how it gets you.

The sweats have pretty much gone. I have spent the last 10 years being hot. I am now back to normal temperature and don’t have to worry about always finding an open window or sitting in the coolest place in the room. I’m looking forward to buying some lovely coats for the winter this year.

I feel so much more positive about life in general. Having been a pretty positive person anyway, I would have feelings of no hope or that everything was wrong – only fleeting, but nonetheless debilitating when you’re trying to run your own business. In one minute I could have gone from I love having my own business to I want to never leave my house and back again. All those thoughts in 60 seconds.

My aches and pains, I’ve worked out are probably related to my lifestyle and age as I’ve been left with them 😂 – you can’t have it all!

So, for the women who are struggling at the moment, it does pass. It does get better – it’s just that no one talks about this bit very much… the best bit.

If you’re looking for support on menopause – would I say I’m an expert? Absolutely not. Would I say I’m a good listener? Absolutely.

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