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Fascinating story from People Management magazine today on the role of internal communications within organisations following the Pandemic.

I must admit that utilising Teams and Zoom over the past three years has made me learn to reduce my waffle in meetings and stick to the facts. But what about internal communications in general?

A dear friend of mine often talks about culture change being about winning hearts and minds and he is so right. With people working remotely and not being together, how we develop our communications message is more critical than ever.

What I do know is that HR and Marketing should not work in isolation when creating an internal communications strategy. It’s difficult to be flowery AND direct but somehow, we have to engage the person whilst sticking to the facts – especially where we are giving out potentially difficult news to remote workers.

At Strategi Solutions – we have the benefit of both marketing and HR solutions to help you put together great comms, as well as great graphic designers to help deliver the message (clip art free!). If you’re struggling to find the right message or just need it to look more engaging, give us a try.

Read full article here.

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