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I woke up this morning to one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. After getting ready for office I got in the car and went through the defrosting process. It was -8 degrees!

This compromise of beauty and the beast is part of life. Running a business is the same. The highs of winning a new client versus the pressures of the economy, the pandemic, etc. Anyone thinking that being your own boss is constant sunrises is in for a bit of a -8 degree shock at some point.

How do I deal with this? In the last eight years sunrise and frost has been a familiar feeling. I deal with this by knowing (and accepting) that not everything is good all of the time. Social media does, however, try to tell us otherwise.

I have a saying that if you have “great” in your life the whole time, it becomes normal and not great. There has to be shade and light in order to feel good.

When things are not so good, I keep going by knowing that it won’t last forever (easy to say, harder to do sometimes), but in general this is what happens.

So, after sitting in my car freezing for a few minutes, the heated seat started to warm me up and the sunny morning drive set the tone for the day ahead.

Compromise can lead to equilibrium 🌞 ❄

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