Tales from the Wendy House

I came into the office this morning and there was a lot of excitement about a fun little profile tool from mycreativetype.com. Of course, everyone wanted to see what type they were and guess what? We are all pretty much different. Erin Hill (Visionary) shouted out, that’s why we make a great team – and that’s so true.

Many leaders try to recruit people like themselves. I’ve heard it many times “you’re just like me” as if it’s a badge of honour. Well, in reality a lot of just like you’s means that there is a high chance that you won’t have a visionary, or a dreamer or a thinker in your team.

Profile tools are not just fun, they’re a great way of engaging the team to self reflect.

Huge thanks to Dave Clowes for spotting this (Maker) and in case you didn’t guess I’m the yellow bod at the bottom of this post!

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