Tales from the Wendy House

I was privileged enough to sit on the LinkedIn Live session today with James Hartley who so expertly talked us through his impactful journey in the case of Mr Bates v The Post Office.

I was fascinated to learn about how his and Freeths approach to “doing the right thing” was woven in to the whole journey. I know Freeths and spend time with their people through my work and I can honestly say that everyone you meet is part of that same culture.

To me, a culture of an organisation is the crux of how you do business. To quote James, “it adds value and resilience”. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay true to the culture, especially when there is pressure to make profits and returns to stakeholders.

One thing I learned from following this case is that sometimes, people don’t fit the culture. You cannot compromise on the culture and have to face problems head on, otherwise it’s hard to say what may build up for the future.

A huge thanks for this session James.

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