Tales from the Wendy House

Today was a fantastic day for me. I went back to Staffordshire University to meet the students on the Peter Coates MSC in Entrepreneurship Course. It’s 33 years since I completed my own studies there and I had time to reflect on the journey I’ve been on since then. In fact, that’s why I was there. To tell my story of being an Accidental CEO as someone who has worked in North Staffordshire all of my life.

James Routledge and the team at the Uni are doing a fantastic job in inspiring the students to start or continue with their journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

I had the chance to tell my story from Receptionist at a sheetmetal works to running Strategi Solutions. I spoke about the importance of succession planning, sustainability and creating the right culture. I also shared with the group about taking opportunities, speaking to the right people, supporting other women and creating the right culture.

A huge thank you to everyone who asked questions (they were great!) and to the great people who looked after me. This is a special course and I wish I had had something like this available to me. Check it out below.

Good luck to everyone on the programme!


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