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As this year draws to an end, I ponder and think about the stuff coming along that I hadn’t expected. Lot’s of stuff – topped off by getting Covid-19 this week, the lovely gift that keeps on giving!

Some of the unexpected was good and some absolutely horrible, but on reflection, is this year any different to other years? I’ve certainly done loads of wonderful things and met some amazing people and I am very grateful for having such a full life.

I see others who have a rather smooth line in their lives in terms of ups and downs. Life is quite straight forward for them, and that’s great. For me, I chase dreams, want to cram as much as possible into life and I have ambitions. This means that when something unexpected comes along, it can trip me up (or worse still frustrate me). It’s how I deal with these things that is the magic.

I’ll give an example. This week I’d planned loads of social stuff – because I love going out and meeting people. I’ve had to cancel all of it (who wants to catch Covid this close to Christmas?), I certainly don’t want to be responsible for ruining someone else’s festive fun! How am I dealing with it? Well, I’ve been out a lot recently to business events etc so my risk of catching it has been higher, I’ve recently had a cold so my immunity isn’t great. I’m tired as it’s been a very full on year personally and professionally. Should I then be surprised by this? The answer is clearly “no”. I have to go with it on this occasion and not stress about it.

Whilst you can’t always plan everything to the finest detail (I’ve spent a long time trying!), you can expect that plans may change and that sometimes you have to go with the flow.

You see, that’s what makes life exciting. The Forrest Gump box of chocolates scenario. You never know what you’re going to get.

My thoughts on 2024? Keep planning stuff like mad, because most of it will happen if you do. Some things might not, but isn’t that better than having nothing to look forward to “just in case you can’t do it?”.

Life is not short – only if you risk assess everything and do nothing.

*** photo a few weeks ago – doing stuff 😁

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