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I struggle with the concept of Dry January and have never tried it. Why would you start a positive year by depriving yourself of something you enjoy?

It’s easy to self impose restrictions but then become stressed about living up to them. I’m not advocating that everyone drinks themselves into oblivion by the way, but this could apply to anything really. There is so much pressure on “New Year, New You”, but that doesn’t mean restricting the things that you like in general.

The photo is from a box of cocktail books that I had as Secret Santa. It’s full of drinks that I’ve never heard of. They look colourful and exciting and I’m certainly going to be trying some of them out over the coming months. The point I’m making here is that to have a successful year, you don’t have to keep reinventing yourself – just like a cocktail is made up of different ingredients, if you have a basic set of ingredients, you’re in good shape to make a delicious cocktail – by adding something slightly different – hey presto, a different name of cocktail, a different colour, a different flavour. Simple!

So, for me, I’m not going to be reinventing what I do, I’m going to use my skills and mix them up a bit! Cheers to a great 2023.

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