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A provocative question! Let me explain. When I started out with Strategi, I wanted to create culture change and employee engagement programmes that would provide maximum impact for the client. On this journey, it became very apparent that in order to do this, other areas of the business would have to be reviewed too.

For example, how employees feel about a brand may affect their engagement. If they feel valued, they’ll expect training, if they’re engaged they’ll want to feel part of the overall experience… in other words, HR, H&S, Marketing, Branding, L&D are all linked. They are all part of a journey for an organisation and should be seen as complimentary to each other.

Once I’d had this lightbulb moment, I also realised that I couldn’t do this on my own. I set about finding the best talent to work in my business and the rest they say is history.

Sometimes, it’s hard for clients to see the whole picture in terms of people, creative and marketing support for their business, but when they do it makes for a really rewarding partnership.

So to answer my own question, one size doesn’t fit all in terms of one solution fits all clients, but if you have a full range of sizes, now that’s a different story!

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