Tales from the Wendy House

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be a guest speaker at three events. All of which relate to women in business.

One is local (This Girl Consultancy Limited) and aims to highlight women who have a story to tell about their journey. Another (The Women of the Year Awards) is a panel interview talking about Equity, specifically in the Logistics sector and the third is for (LSH Auto UK Limited) on International Women’s Day. All different but all really pushing boundaries on equity and equality.

I’m really excited about the prospect of doing all three and it is quite apt as next month I launch my own website aimed at public speaking and mentoring. I will no doubt push myself out of my comfort zone (something that I encourage others to do!) and will enjoy sharing some of my thoughts and experiences. As my younger self I always loved hearing about other people’s journeys so I too hope to inspire others.

I will no doubt share how this goes, but safe to say that after a long career in HR, my new path has given me energy, excitement and a desire to relaunch my “Why Women Don’t Play Golf” Programme with the fantastic Helen Bailey in the summer. Watch this space!

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