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Tomorrow evening is the Strategi Solutions fundraiser ball in aid of the UHNM Charity Breast Care Centre in Staffordshire. It’s a sell out. Our target? £20k. The reason? Susan Fisher, Eileen Stanway and Jill Waring. Wife of Robert Fisher, my step mum and Jenna Griffiths mum respectively. All struck down with breast cancer within a couple of months of each other.

I’ve organised charity balls before in corporate life, but would people attend a ball if Strategi arranged one? Well, we didn’t expect the mighty love, support, generosity, kindness and help from so many people in making it so.

The money will be going to the next Sue, Eileen and Jill who need somewhere comfy to sit for long hours of treatment or who need a lovely environment in which to feel safe. That’s what we wanted the money to go to.

But this post isn’t about Strategi, it’s much bigger than that. We have found friends that we didn’t know we had, suppliers who have bust a gut to ensure we have what we need to make the event spectacular and we’ve realised that to have a passion about something this big, you need to have a reason. That reason came from home – it came from watching Sue lose her hair, from Eileen having to be rushed back into hospital with a haematoma, and Jill’s daughter, Jenna trying to balance coming to work with looking after her mum and daughter Poppy. This is real life stuff affecting a lot of people every day.

Tomorrow evening when I stand up to deliver my welcome speech to over 300 people, I will be very humble. Humble that people are so generous and humble that I have such a fantastic team at Strategi who have made this happen – on top of their day jobs and with such enthusiasm.

Thank to everyone involved in making the ball happen – you know who you are x

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