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Reflecting on my 9 years of self-employment, I often reminisce about my corporate life experiences. As an HR Director, one of my unspoken roles was to be a trusted confidant for the CEO—a position not outlined in my job description but one I willingly embraced. It’s a common belief that leadership can be isolating, and I aimed to provide a safe space for the CEO to share anything on their mind.

Building trust is key in establishing a supportive relationship with the CEO. Beyond the standard HR responsibilities, fostering a genuine connection with the CEO can be incredibly gratifying. Sometimes our discussions veered from work-related matters to personal ones, all in the interest of ensuring the CEO’s well-being.

Here are some top tips for effectively supporting a CEO:

– Practice active listening to identify signs of distress or unease.
– Regularly inquire about their well-being and be attentive to signs of stress.
– Offer assistance with their workload to free up time and gain valuable experience.
– Maintain confidentiality in all discussions to cultivate a safe and trusting environment.

In conclusion, being a CEO is a title, not a separate entity. By prioritising their well-being, we can create a mutually supportive work dynamic.

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