Tales from the Wendy House

Over the last few weeks I’ve attended quite a few networking events armed with my business cards. I have some shiny new ones for my public speaking and mentoring services.

Surprisingly, at one event, not one of the attendees I spoke to had a business card or a QR code to scan details (although I have to say that this always seems to be a faff and is overengineering giving someone a card). There were no name badges either, so how are we meant to network, build relationships or meet each other again?

During lockdown, we didn’t need business cards, but as we are face to face, I’d love to see the resurgence of these – a bit like vinyl making a comeback.

So I say, my Friday thought is get those business cards ready to go – it’s a way of sharing your personality and making an impression. Oh and if you need any, the fab designers at Strategi Solutions would be more than happy to oblige!

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