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I was randomly scrolling through my phone this morning and came across an old video of someone interviewing Margaret Thatcher. This isn’t a political post so please don’t shoot me down 😜

Anyway, the interviewer (a woman) tells Margaret that at the end of each interview, she asks her guest to jump in the air. Margaret refuses. She says “why should I?” Despite many attempts from the interviewer the answer continues to be “No”.

There is even a “Gorbachev did it” thrown in desperately to get Maggie to jump.

There is still refusal from the Iron Lady. She then says… ”because other people do it doesn’t mean I have to do it”… and that is the point of the post.

This week I’ve said no to a few things. It would have been easier to say yes. I didn’t want to do them – so I’m not.

It’s very liberating to go against what everyone else does or asks sometimes. Even in the 80’s it was seen as “different” to say no.

If you’re a people pleaser, trying to fit in all the time is draining. It’s stressful and really not good for your wellbeing or mental health.

So next time you feel obliged to say yes, decline politely it may be easier than you think. Have a great weekend in the ☀️!

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