Tales from the Wendy House

We had our Strategi Solutions Christmas Party last Friday evening. Part of the night (as has become tradition) is for Michaela Tabinor to review our year by reading her carefully collated notes on 2022.

The words have then been beautifully captured along with photos by Dave Clowes, one of our Graphic Designers who created an amazing annual for each one of us in the team.

It’s not an annual report, it’s an annual of our lives at Strategi. We have pictures of children and grandchildren, social events, pictures of us on holiday as well as pictures of the successes of us as a business, awards we’ve won and how we’ve progressed. There weren’t many dry eyes in the room as Michaela eloquently recited her memories – of us.

The most stand out part of the book to me was how we’ve grown. Our StratStars have really developed as a team and are flourishing in their careers, our succession planning is playing out and our inter generational working is so lovely to see.

We have all grown so much in a year that started with us working from home and finishing with us celebrating together. I’m so looking forward to being back with the Strategi Team in 2023 and the pressure to grow more veg at home is now on!

Why don’t you keep a log of your activity from January? We could perhaps help you turn it into a memory book to treasure forever.

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